1.How long can I receive your reply after I send my inquiry?
We will reply you within 12 hours on workday.
2.What products can you provide?
We mainly produce chemical fiber fabrics, the ingredients are polyester or nylon, knitted woven, etc.
3.What are the application fields of your products?
Our products are mainly used in outdoor sports, leisure, down jacket, ski suits, golf and other clothing.
4.Can you provide custom products?
Yes, custom products are our main products. We can develop and manufacture products according to customer’s drawing or sample.
5.How can you ensure your product quality?
Each of our production processes are tracking with a single, on-site control of color and feel, and timely arrangements for color fastness and other physical testing. After passing the inspection by the warehouse inspectors in accordance with the American Standard 4 points standard test fabric appearance, to provide inspection reports, the customer confirmed the arrangements before delivery.
6.Where do you mainly export your products?
Our products are mainly exported to Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, etc.