Different diagonal outdoor fabric shapes


Different diagonal outdoor fabric shapes such as a moun […]

Different diagonal outdoor fabric shapes such as a mountain shape, a grid pattern, and a stepped pattern.
Fabric features: The use of diagonal or a variety of changes based on the twill-based organization, the surface with a clear diagonal lines, or in different oblique composition of the mountain shape, a grid pattern, as well as ladder-shaped pattern of flowers, plain fabrics.
Specifications: There are many varieties of oysters, which are divided into vegetarian and jacquard. The common varieties are twill silk, Su Guangyu, Hua Guang Ling, Cai Zhi Jin, beautiful silk, cotton thread, feather yarn.
Samples are: twill silk beautiful silk feather yarn

Beautiful silk mei-li lining twill
Fabric Features: It is a silk fabric (twill silk), customarily called silk, pure polyester yarn and pure silk two, the fabric organization for the twill weave or twill change organization, silk surface diagonal lines fine and clear, feel flat and smooth , slightly stiff, bright and bright color, slightly darker anti-light.
Fabric Application: Suitable for middle and high grade garments.
Man silk yarn lustre lining
Fabric features: The weft yarn is made of cotton yarn and wax thread, and the rayon is used in the sand, and the twill weave is made. The fabric surface is slightly hard and smooth, the front twill has light, the back has no light, and the texture is firm, but it should not be twisted and twisted when washing. To avoid lint,
Fabric application: used as a variety of middle and low clothing.
Satin fabric features: all or most of the use of satin weave (in addition to the weaving and weft woven into a satin weaving silk), texture is soft and smooth, smooth silk surface. The texture of the fabric is thick, the appearance is bright and smooth, the color is rich, and the jacquard effect is even more remarkable.
Specifications: Many varieties, raw materials are mulberry silk, viscose silk and other chemical filaments, divided into silk satin, viscose silk satin, satin weaving satin; according to jacquard or not, there can be divided into plain satin and satin.
Fabric Application: Its use varies from product to product. It can be used for shirts, skirts, headscarves and costumes. It can be used for high-grade outerwear, cotton-padded fabrics, cheongsams, bedspreads, quilts, and other decorative items.
Samples are: satin, plain satin.
缎 satin crepe satin brocade
Satin is a flat warp weft (a weft-enhancing weft) and five satin fabrics. The
Fabric features: one side from the subtle fine wrinkles, the other side is a satin appearance, texture is tight and tough, should not be often washed, due to friction, rubbing, easy to fluff. The
Fabric application: suitable for winter and autumn women's clips and other clothing fabrics and stage with costume fabrics.
Satin silk satin
Fabric features: Usually woven fabrics of mulberry and rayon, but also pure rayon fabrics, warp and weft threads without twisting, weaving with eight satin weaves, satin warp thread longer, finely arranged, satin smooth and bright The texture is soft, and the back is a fine twill-like style with a bright, rich and elegant appearance.
Fabric application: suitable for men and women cotton, plain clothes, embroidery, costumes and so on.