Functional knit fabric trends


Functional knitted fabrics is a trend in today's knitwe […]

Functional knitted fabrics is a trend in today's knitwear field and one of the driving forces behind the sustainable development of the knitwear industry.
(1) functional knitted fabrics will diversify
Functional knit fabrics will increasingly emphasize the diversification of raw materials, the diversification of yarn structure and fabric structure. High-grade functional knitted fabrics developed with differentiated and functional new fibers as raw materials will improve the serviceability of products. The comprehensive use of basic and various types of fabrics and the combined use of knitting, weaving and leather make Knit fabric patterns, colors and styles more diverse.
(2) functional knitted fabrics will be fashion development
Functional knitted fabrics will pay more and more attention to fashion. Today, people advocate fashion freedom, emphasizing comfort and fit, so more favor function and fashion can be the perfect combination of clothing. The integrated use of color, style and other design elements, combined with the excellent characteristics of knitted fabrics innovative design, functional knitted garments and sports, leisure, fitness and so closely linked, will inevitably promote functional knitted garments more popular.
(3) functional knitted fabrics will be multi-functional composite development
Functional knitted fabrics will be developed from a single functional fiber to a variety of functional fibers composite, a variety of functional fibers involved, so that knitted garments have different functions and styles. Functional finishing will also shift from a single functional finishing to a combination of more than two finishing, so that the concept of finishing knitted fabrics upgrade to functional and comfort-compatible level.
(4) functional knitted fabrics will be cross-cutting technology applications
At present, the major factors that affect the development of functional knitted fabrics mainly come from the development of nanotechnology in functional fibers and functional materials, as well as the application development of fabric finishing technology. The development of functional knitted fab
rics is often the result of cross-cutting technology applications, the future will need knitting and related fields organically combine to develop functional knitted fabrics.