Use cold water Sportswear fabric in a gentle cycle to avoid shrinkage


Use cold water Sportswear fabric in a gentle cycle to a […]

Use cold water Sportswear fabric in a gentle cycle to avoid shrinkage and color bleeding. Most of the activewear brands mention it on the instruction label. However, if it is stated otherwise, follow the instructions carefully.

Also, if the sweat is gross, you can always soak these clothes in half cup of vinegar diluted in cold water before putting it in the washer.

Thanks to Athletic fashion, your Activewear can burn a hole in your pocket. It is quintessential to wash your yoga pants, tank tops, sports bra, cycling shorts, or other gym gear after every session to steer clear of infections and foul smell. However, washing your workout clothes inappropriately can make them worn out sooner than later. Here are 3 steps that can make your activewear last seasons.

Experts caution against using fabric softeners for activewear as it inhibits the sportwear technology for which you’ve paid a big price.

Protect dashing foil prints and logos by turning your activewear inside out before putting it in the wash drum. It will also remove the sweat and kill bacteria which are on the inner side of your garments, besides protecting the color while it sundries.

Do not put your activewear in the dryer. Always Air-dry to avoid pilling and preventing your logos and other designs to fall off.

Use a sport-specific detergent to remove odour and bacteria as well as provide the right chemicals to handle technical fabrics. Using normal detergent to wash sportswear can ruin their texture. Also, do not put excess detergent as it can provide a perfect breeding ground for fungal infections as well as exude mildew-type odor.