What kind of fabric down jacket is considered good quality?


     At present, there are many kinds of fabrics for do […]

     At present, there are many kinds of fabrics for down jackets, polyester and nylon, but the following requirements must be met:

     1. Due to the middle of down jacket is to fill the fluff, so the surface must not be missing hair. According to the experience of raising the level of textile, anti-cashmere performance is good or bad, depending on the fabric yarn count density. Fabric density above 250T can effectively stop the hair out;

     2. Bile cloth, bile cloth requirements lower than the fabric, but the density still have enough.

     3. Windproof breathable. More donkey friends often ignore the importance of breathable fabric down jacket. The result of an airtight jacket on the mountain is often fatal.

     Of course, the classic fabric model specifications belong to the 40D Nisi Fang. 40D Nylon yarns take a piece of nylon yarn to plain weave, the density reached 310T, high-density anti-velvet. The other side of the fabric after a transparent plastic, can effectively drain the cashmere. Down jacket is a good choice.

    Extinction of the surface looks dazzling, but also gives a feeling of calm and high-end, perfect fit and contemporary aesthetic trends.