Textile enterprises executives to explore new ideas to open up overseas textile market


8, organized by the China Textile Industry Federation 2 […]

8, organized by the China Textile Industry Federation 2017 China Textile Industry "Going Out" Conference "held in Nanjing. The meeting gathered in the textile industry" going out "in the actual experience of textile enterprises executives, as well as from Ethiopia, Bangladesh , Cambodia and other countries on behalf of everyone to discuss how China's textile enterprises to better international cooperation, how to faster and better "going out."

The General Assembly to "rooted in the local, Silk Road Global" as the theme, set the industry wisdom, the power of the industry. Jiangsu Provincial Government Deputy Secretary-General Wang Zhizhong said in his speech, in recent years, Jiangsu textile enterprises to speed up the "go out", the total amount of foreign investment in the forefront of the provinces and cities, and from the "small step" to "stride" from the " Export "to" investment lead ", from" OEM "to" brand output ", in the global accumulation of a certain amount of actual combat experience. Government, enterprises, industry organizations, three parties should work together to achieve the industry's effective "going out".

Ministry of Industry and Consumer Goods Industry Secretary Gao Yanmin and so on "China's foreign investment cooperation and the recent hot spots" and other proposals for the interpretation of authority. Gao Yanmin said that the next step, the Ministry of Industry will focus on grasping the textile industry at home and abroad linkage layout of the top design, timely introduction of guidance; increase investment in resources to strengthen the "going out" basic research to improve the level of public service industry.

China Textile Industry Federation Party Secretary and Secretary General Gao Yong around the "China's textile industry, international layout and power construction" to speak. He said that in the past five years, Vietnam and Bangladesh average cost of clothing exports are more than China, domestic industry workers, industrial capital and green environmental protection and other aspects of sustainable development is the transformation and upgrading of China's textile industry need to address the key issues The China's textile industry through the international layout of the industrial chain to achieve cross-border integration, to achieve the status of the industry's global value chain upgrade, driven by a number of developing countries to achieve win-win development.

As the "going out" of the protagonist, the Chinese textile enterprises how the results of the layout? Come and front, thinking and decision-making is what? Shandong wishful, Jiangsu Huarui, Jiangsu Tianyuan and a number of "pioneer" brought with the global industrial chain to share the development of the results. In addition, the Ethiopian government, the United States Arkansas Economic Development Committee relevant person in charge of the Chinese textile enterprises to throw an olive branch, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation also brought the petrochemical industry "going out" experience sharing and linkage recommendations.

Tedesai Hai from the policy, politics, economy, land, resources, manpower, tax, trade, multi-angle display of Ethiopia's superior investment environment and the textile blue ocean industry space for the presence of Chinese textile enterprises opened up the offshore market New ideas.

Jiangsu entrepreneurs Tang Xinhong, etc. to share the "clothing intelligent production of the road -" go out

"Highly intelligent production line combined with China's wisdom, not only with the top research institutions," going out "to achieve key breakthroughs to ensure that competitive advantage.

On the same day, Ethiopia Investment Committee and China Textile Industry Federation for the first time in China issued "Ethiopia textile industry investment opportunities white paper." "Southeast Asia textile industry development environment and trade investment outlook" "" along the way "spinning enterprises overseas investment social responsibility management guide" and so on, also by the participating enterprises.