Service: We based on high standards and high-end market, adhering to the purpose of serving customers; there are a large number of supporting enterprises around the company, which can correspond to the customer's product development needs in fastest speed.

Quality: We have strict product testingWlinks, from property intrinsic index detection to surface defects detection, products meet the requirements before shipment, and retain the inspection report, so that customers can view at any time.

Cost: The company is located in the silk capital Shengze, with a complete industry package, which can minimize the cost.

R & D: Our company regularly launched new products, but also developing the necessary products according to customer needs, which meets customer demand for fabric development as possible as we can.

Concept: Companyhas long-termtwo-way cooperationwith Japan, South Korea's fabric companies, so we can keep abreast of the latest products and process trends, introducing the latest technology and developing cutting-edge products to meet the needs of high-end customers.