September 11 textile three prices of raw materials Morning Post


Cotton (9.8): by the recent reserve cotton out of three […]

Cotton (9.8): by the recent reserve cotton out of three major policy triggered market volatility, Zheng cotton appeared gains, mentality also improved. Affected by this, the stock is also slightly better, but the price is still basically maintained, tentative inquiry slightly increased, Shandong, Hebei and other places of real estate cotton 3128 price 15000-15200 yuan / ton. And the new year seed cotton sporadic acquisition, the price range, the mainstream 6.5-6.8 yuan / kg or so, there are 7.2-7.3 yuan / kg or so, the overall current volume is not already ginning plant test rolling, double 29 tentative sales Price 16400-16500 yuan / ton public.

Polyester staple fiber (9.8): morning PTA futures strong shock, polyester market finishing, polyester staple fiber flat on the sidelines, Jiangsu and Zhejiang 1.4D direct spinning polyester staple fiber mainstream offer 8600-8800 yuan / ton from the factory, to discuss Space is different, relatively mainstream to discuss or in the 8550-8700 yuan / ton factory near the local slightly higher or in the 8700-8750 yuan / ton factory near.