When shopping casual wear for clothing staples


When shopping casual wear for clothing staples, is qual […]

When shopping casual wear for clothing staples, is quality over quantity. In essence, you really only need five core pieces in your closet to spice up any of your outfits. These pieces can look casual or classy, and can turn an otherwise ordinary outfit into something more polished and fashion-forward.

In an ideal world, we'd be able to stock our closets with every trending piece we want without having to worry about,if we actually have enough closet space. A person can dream, right?

But for the realists out there, spicing up your seasonal wardrobe is a tough business. You'll have to consider whether you'll get great use out of the clothing you're purchasing, how affordable it is, and how it can complement the clothes already in your closet.

Blazers are so much more than just a workwear essential. Pair them with slacks or jeans, a fun minimalist sneaker and the right accessories, and they'll be your new casual-wear favorite. Of course, they'll also be there for you when duty calls at your office for interviews, board meetings and presentations.

ou have to carry your laptop, phone, headphones and notebooks with you to work anyway, so you might as well stow it all in a sleek work bag that can make your overall look more polished, both in and out of the office. When shopping, you'll want to ensure the bag is big enough for your everyday essentials and can pair with a number of your outfits. You'll be sporting it Monday through Friday, after all.

To prove our point, we've rounded up five essential clothing items you should have in your wardrobe right now, along with companion pieces that can dress them up or down. When choosing our items, we kept in mind the versatility of the piece, as well as its lifespan. These five staples can work far beyond spring, so no matter what you wear with them, you'll be able to wear them season after season.

A bold T-shirt is one of the more versatile pieces you can own -- not to mention one of the most comfortable. It can be dressed up, by pairing it with an A-line skirt and colorful mules, or down with a bomber jacket, baseball hat and comfy denim. Sky's the limit.

Shoes can be one of the more powerful parts of an outfit. If you have the right statement shoe, an otherwise normal outfit like a T-shirt and jeans can be completely elevated. Currently, we're fans of more minimalist designs with playful prints and embroidery for a subtle pop of color.

Last, but certainly not least, is a pair of black jeans. This will probably be your most-used staple of the five we've laid out. Since black denim is highly versatile, we're willing to bet these will be your new go-to for casual Fridays, nights out and dinner dates.