You can wear them while exercising


You can wear them while exercising, lounging around, ou […]

You can wear them while exercising, lounging around, out on the town, or even to work.

Denim imports have been declining since peaking in 2010, while imports of stretchy coated fabric pants continue to rise. Since their peak, women’s blue jeans imports have declined by an average of 3.9% annually. Over the same period, elastic knit pants grew 25.7% per year on average.

US imports of women’s elastic knit pants exceeded those of blue jeans in 2017 for the first time, according to data from the US Census Bureau.

High-elasticity pants—whether designed for yoga or athleisure—are a versatile part of many women’s wardrobes. They may be more popular than another American staple: blue jeans.

I do want:

Warm, plush, soft, stretchy fabric that’s not heavy or restrictive.

Pant legs that are already the right length, so I don’t have to do major cut-and-hem maneuvers … stylish pants that skim the legs, but have enough flair and flare to camouflage athletic-shoe clunkiness below.

A drawstring waist for security.

And enough room so I can breathe and sit down without risking inadvertent surgery-by-seam in a sensitive location.