A scarf is a long piece of cloth worn


A scarf is a long piece of cloth worn around your neck […]

A scarf is a long piece of cloth worn around your neck - usually. You can wear it on your head, cover your ears, and women use their silk scarves as belts or bracelets. But during the winter, we usually wrap a thick scarf made of acrylic wool around the neck, to feel warm. Generally, they are worn with warm winter hats and massive overcoats. Apart from decorative scarfs, most scarves are knitted. In fact, many regions live solely of making and selling knit garments and wholesale scarves. But, of course, people can make them on their own and use the hand-made clothes as gifts.

Scarves are made of various materials and acrylic is one among them. This is a man-made (synthetic) fabric which is soft, light in weight, and warm with Ski Wear Fabrics wholesalers   a smooth feel. Though it cannot compete with the natural fibers like cashmere, it is likely the best alternative used commonly by the people. Most of the people who are sensitive to natural fabrics prefer acrylic, which few people can be allergic to. Acrylic artificial woolen fibers can be easily molded into any shape and acrylic clothes retain their shape perfectly without loosening. They are a good insulator, that is, they keep the body warm.

While woolen scarves are more eco-friendly, acrylic ones tend to last for longer periods, are cheaper, lighter and can be available in various bright and desirable colors. Wool is very absorbent, but synthetics are water resistant, and won't smell after a day of skiing.

Even though you might have a preference for different style of scarves, it's worth considering the synthetic acrylic wool or cotton. They will keep you warm during the winter for a fraction of the price. Remember though that disposing of the artificial fibers needs to be done properly - recycle your old clothes as well!

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