In the hot summer days, there are a variety of sunscreen


a variety of sun protection suits In the hot summer day […]

a variety of sun protection suits

In the hot summer days, there are a variety of sunscreen products on the market, and all kinds of sunscreen clothing are popular. Whether it is a bazaar or a formal shopping mall, there are sunscreen clothing for sale.

"My requirements for sunscreen clothing are: strong sunscreen, breathable, light and thin, and finally there are style problems." Consumer Ms. Wu said. The reporter found in the market that once a summer air-conditioning shirt is labeled with a sunscreen, the price will go up a step. Is sunscreen really sunscreen?

In a clothing store in Gulou District, Fuzhou, the reporter picked coated fabric  up a coat with a sunscreen clothing logo. The salesperson enthusiastically introduced to the reporter: "This clothes are sunscreen, and the price is also cheap, it is tens of dollars." The reporter pointed out that this fabric It is chiffon. "This is chiffon, also called sunscreen clothing, clothes outside, it is better to wear it than to wear it. Is it true sunscreen? She said she didn't know, for what kind of material, the sunscreen effect is good, she Do not understand.

Later, the reporter went to a nearby big shopping mall. On the 2nd floor, a counter selling sunscreen clothes, the reporter saw that a brand of sunscreen clothing, the price of 290 yuan, the name of the clothing certificate is "elastic skin clothing", the composition is "95% nylon, 5% spandex". Sales staff said that the sunscreen clothing here is the same material. According to the sunscreen effect, the price ranges from 290 yuan to 500 yuan.

Although they all claim to be able to protect themselves from the sun, the reporter asked the merchants how high the sun protection index of the sun protection clothing is. Most of the answers are vague. Even the guides of many big brands, the introduction of the sun protection clothing is limited to the fabric, as to whether it can prevent ultraviolet rays. How high is the sun protection index, so there is no reason why.

Sunscreen clothing with sun protection

The sunscreen clothing on the market is as low as a dozen yuan, and a few hundred dollars more expensive. The reporter found that many clothes are claimed to be sunscreen clothing but have no sunscreen effect. For the material of sunscreen clothing, the sales staff is not very familiar with it. The clothes labeled "Sun Protection" are available in a variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, nylon, and a variety of materials. So, which material has good sun protection effect? What is the real sunscreen?

Experts point out that sunscreen clothing and clothes with sun protection are strictly separated. Sunscreen clothing refers to clothes that have been identified by professional testing, with UPF (UV protection factor) greater than 40% and UVA (long-wave UV) transmission rate less than 5%. The clothes with sunscreen function are vague, can be treated by sunscreen treatment, or can be general clothing materials, because even ordinary fabrics without sunscreen treatment have more or less sunscreen effect.

Generally, textile fabrics have certain sun protection properties, and the thicker the fabric, the higher the density, and the deeper the color, the better the sun protection effect. If it is opaque and has a denser coating, its sunscreen effect is even better. Sun protection factor of various fabrics: denim > polyester > cotton > wool > nylon. Sunscreen clothing with better sun protection performance is because some sunscreen substances are added during production.

High price, good sun protection effect

"I bought a silk sunscreen mask and silk sunscreen on Taobao. I finally found that there was no sunscreen effect. I went out to play or sunburned." Fuzhou consumer Xiaolin complained that many sunscreen clothes are just gimmicks, although they look very beautiful. It also has a shading effect, but the breathability is very poor, and there is basically no sun protection function.

At present, the quality of sun protection clothing on the market is uneven. How to choose it? The industry's recommendations are mainly based on fabrics, colors, labels to judge.

The high-quality sunscreen clothing is usually light and ventilated, and can be folded into a palm shape for easy carrying. As far as fabrics are concerned, polyester has the best sunscreen effect in chemical fiber, followed by nylon, rayon and silk, which have poor sunscreen effect, while natural fiber has the best sunscreen effect.

In addition, regular UV protection products should be marked with the national standard number and UPF value on the label. If the measured value of UPF is greater than 30, and the transmittance of UVA is less than 5%, the label is 30+; if the measured value of UPF is greater than 50, and the transmittance of UVA is less than 5%, the label is 50+. If there are no such indicators on the label, it means that it does not have UV resistance. Therefore, consumers must look at the sun protection factor marked on the clothes when purchasing. The higher the price, the better the sun protection effect. (Reporter Lin Zhiwei text / map)

Buy sunscreen and pay attention to two indicators

Sunscreen clothing is a new thing that has become popular in recent years. Consumers don't know much about it. Therefore, the current market name for sunscreen clothing is also confusing. There are also fewer institutions that can detect sunscreen protection in the country.

The standard term for sunscreen clothing is anti-UV products, which are mainly protected against ultraviolet rays in sunlight. According to the "Quality Evaluation of Textiles" issued by the National Quality Inspection Department, the UV protection function of textiles is only when the product UPF (UV protection coefficient) is greater than 30, and the UVA (long-wave ultraviolet) transmittance is less than 5%. It can be called "UV protection products".

When choosing a sun protection suit, pay attention to the two indicators of UV protection on the label, namely the UPF value and the UVA value. The higher the UPF value, the better the sun protection effect. Don't be confused by skin coats and windbreakers. Many merchants take skin clothes and windbreakers to pretend to be sunscreen clothes. The method of identification still depends on whether there is a description of the UPF index in the signage.

In addition, it should be noted that in daily use, repeated washing, wearing stretch and wet environment will reduce the UV protection function of the clothes.