Coated fabric of the principle


In fact, this principle is very simple, but the operati […]

In fact, this principle is very simple, but the operation is the key!
Is the use of solvents (now the fabric factory is generally used toluene or butanone) will be required coating rubber particles (PU plastic, A / C plastic, PVC, PE plastic) dissolved into saliva-like Sol ratio, viscosity, etc.) and then a uniform way of scraper painted on the fabric (cotton, polyester, nylon and other substrates), and then through the oven temperature of the fixed, so that the formation of a uniform layer of fabric surface Cover plastic material, so as to achieve waterproof, windproof, breathable and other functions!
Coated fabrics or fabrics generally have a higher lift in terms of split yarns. These coated fabrics are used in down jackets, ski suits, workwear suits, outdoor sportswear and more!
As for the manufacturing process, it depends on what kind of physical properties you want, what kind of function, what kind of material!
Generally based on the above-mentioned solvent, and then select the plastic material, then dissolved, stirred, coated, fixed!
Added: the landlord said I do not quite understand the anilox, may be called the law is not the same, if it is pure glue, then the blade is just a combination of steel and roller; but if required plastic surface A pattern requires a pressure process, you need to have a pattern above the roller!