The main classification of coating adhesive


Polyurethane class (PU); Polyacrylate (PA); Synthetic r […]

Polyurethane class (PU);
Polyacrylate (PA);
Synthetic rubber (such as chloroprene).
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC);
In addition, there are polytetrafluoroethylene, polyamyl, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene and protein. At present, the main applications are polyacrylate and polyurethane. By using the different medium divided into solvent and water two, solvent with high water pressure resistance, good film-forming property, fast drying, low solid content, but also in the fabric of strong permeability, boardy, toxicity, easy to fire, need solvent recovery device, and the defect of the high cost of recycling. Dry and low temperature crosslinked coating adhesives have the advantages of simple coating technology, low baking temperature and saving energy and energy. They are the trend of the development of coated fabric in the future. Compared with the solvent type, the waterborne system is nontoxic, non flammable, safe, low cost and no need to recycle. It can make thick coated products, which is good for the production of colored coated products, and has good hydrophilicity. The drawback is that it has low water resistance and slow drying and is difficult to adhere to filament fabrics. According to the coating process and baking conditions, there are dry coating adhesive and wet coating adhesive, low temperature crosslinked coating adhesive and high temperature crosslinked coating adhesive.