The general front and back fabric identification and distinction


General fabric from the following points to identify th […]

General fabric from the following points to identify the positive and negative:
(1), the general pattern of the front fabric, color than the negative clear and beautiful.
(2), with the appearance of the fabric lines and color pattern fabric, the front pattern must be clear and pleasing to the eye.
(3), ribs and bump fabric, the front is close and delicate, with stripes or pattern relief; and the opposite is more rough, there is a longer float line.
(4), Felt Fabric: single-sided fluff fabric, plush side is positive. Two-sided fluffing fabric, then fluffy smooth, neat side of the front fabric.
(5), observe the fabric of the fabric edge, fabric edge clean, neat side of the front fabric.
(6), double, multi-layer fabric, such as the front and back of the different latitude and longitude, the general front is willing to have a greater density or positive material is better.
(7), leno fabric: clear lines, twisted by the prominent side of the front.
(8), towel fabric: terry density side is positive.
(9), printed fabric: flower pattern is clear, more vivid color side is positive.
(10), the whole piece of fabric: In addition to export products, where the instructions (trademark) and covered with factory inspection chapter generally negative. Most fabrics, the front and back there are obvious differences, but there are many fabrics are very similar to the front and back, both sides can be applied, so this type of fabric may not be forced to distinguish between the positive and negative.