What is the material of feather cloth?


Feather velvet fabric generally belong to the density v […]

Feather velvet fabric generally belong to the density value is relatively small or relatively high density of thin knitted fabrics, as are usually used to make duvet fabric, down clothing, but also to prevent feather outflow, also known as anti-feather cloth, anti flannel.
Down feathers are usually made of raw materials such as cotton or polyester, feather fabric is usually woven using plain weave, warp and weft yarns are generally used in the yarn density of the smaller combed above, the range is usually 10-29tex between. Tensile strength is usually above 73%, latitude in the weft is usually above 53%, the total tightness is above 80%, and the fabric is usually tight.
Down the use of cloth and features:
Down structure is very compact, shiny, breathable feather, fast and wear-resistant, smooth feel, smooth and fine. Fabric by padding and other anti-feather finishing clean up, you can reduce the gap between the warp and weft of knitted fabrics, to further prevent the effect of down drilling. In addition to the medium-density knitted fabric, the chemical coating treatment, but also can be achieved to prevent the phenomenon of down drilling down.