The development trend of future apparel fabrics


The development trend of future apparel fabrics, as one […]

The development trend of future apparel fabrics, as one of the three elements of clothing, as people pay more and more attention to fashion, the importance of fabrics becomes more and more important. The role of apparel fabrics is to satisfy all kinds of clothing. Requirements, can create a variety of styles, image of clothing, reflecting the different appearance and connotation of clothing, so that people are physically and psychologically satisfied.

The first is the styling characteristics, the fabric has thin, thick, light, soft, firm, elastic, drape and other aspects. Different fabrics determine the softness, fluidity, sharpness and rigidity of the garment with their own styling characteristics, drape and elasticity. Light, thin, pre-, soft fabric drape is good, the clothes are elegant and dynamic; thick, solid, firm, and quite fabric, the garment has a clear outline and a straight shape. When choosing a fabric, it is necessary to consider the styling characteristics of different fabrics computer monitor arm , and to select the appropriate fabric that can express the style to make the performance of the garment.

Secondly, the appearance features, different colors, patterns, luster, surface texture, texture, perception, etc., give people different feelings, can form a variety of different clothing styles. For example, red feels warm, warm, festive, blue feels cold, clean, rational, etc.; the circular pattern feels soft, the diamond-shaped pattern feels firm; the glossy fabric feels gorgeous and rich; the surface is neat and flat, the fabric feels delicate and cool Clean; smooth fabric feels cool.

There is also the fabric taking property, the taking performance has different performance requirements for the fabric, some are mainly comfort, some emphasize the fastness, some pay attention to the warmth, and some care about the beauty of the appearance. The mechanical durability, wearing comfort, appearance performance, sensory performance, antifouling performance, moisture absorption and crease resistance of the fabric affect the wearing performance of the fabric.

The development of apparel fabrics has evolved with the changing needs of the application fields. The future development of apparel fabrics should be developed into functional and green technologies. Apparel fabrics should have the comfortable and breathable properties of natural fibers, and should have the ability to wrinkle and shrink without shrinking chemical fibers. They can be worn and placed at will, which can keep warm or heat-dissipating effects with changes in ambient temperature, and can eliminate unhealthy health in living spaces. Factors, can resist UV, antibacterial, anti-mite and so on.