The Canadian skiing team designed by BC artists is particularly eye-catching.


The Canadian skiing team designed by BC artists is part […]

The Canadian skiing team designed by BC artists is particularly eye-catching.

According to CBC, Corrine Hunt in Alert Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is a contemporary artist, and the Canadian skiing team's uniform is designed by her. Its uniform looks like a knit sweater jacket with a pattern of blue, red and white.

Hunter used a pattern with aboriginal features to design a jacket with a knit sweater look. The design was originally seen by the famous skateboarding company Burton Ski wear fabric .

Burton contacted Hunt and asked her to design a similar product with the West Coast Pattern. The photo of the knitted sweater taken with a high-resolution camera was moved to the high-tech fabric of the jacket.

Hunt said that the Canadian ski team's uniform looks like a sweater, and it feels rich and can feel the texture of wool.

Hunter from Kwakiutl and Tlingit Aboriginal people collect design elements from their own culture, blending sun, moon, killer whales, bears and crows. She once said that she wanted to show people the development of Aboriginal people and their art through this work.

According to Hunter, in Aboriginal culture, crows symbolize creativity, intelligence and agility, best reflecting the quality of skateboarders.

The bear symbolizes strength and security, and the likes of the group of killer whales show team awareness, while the sun and the moon are chosen because they always rise from the mountains.

Each member of the Canadian Snowboarding Team can choose to wear two of them for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Unexpectedly, Hunter's design not only caught the attention of the media, but also appeared in fashion magazines.

With the success of the China Winter Olympics, skiing has become a trend, and it has become popular. Skiing is a must-have item. In recent years, most of the ski wear has undergone technological innovations on fabrics, focusing on improving the functionality of ski suits. Many people have begun to study how to choose ski suits, but how many people know about the maintenance of ski suits? Let's share the following costumes.

Skiing maintenance knowledge:

Neutral washing solution can be added in 30 degree warm water, soaked, then gently brush the dirty place with a soft brush, put into the drum type washing machine, rinse with low temperature and then rinse with warm water three or four times, lightly drain the water, and ventilate in a ventilated place.

To avoid lifting the ball on the surface of the garment, turn the front and back of the garment over and clean it, and close all the fasteners to prevent the hooks from scratching the fabric.

Functional fabrics should be soaked and cleaned with a special lotion.

The method of restoring the water repellent effect is to iron the medium temperature steam iron after washing and drying.

Washing and collecting should also pay attention to: as clean, dry, pest-proof, mildewproof as possible, the hiding cabinet should be clean, dry and sealed, and the clothing should not be squeezed for long-term storage.

Sunlight exposure should be adequate, avoiding long-term exposure to sunlight.