Waterproof coating cloth performance and process and use


Waterproof coating cloth process: At present, there are […]

Waterproof coating cloth process:
At present, there are three processing methods commonly used for processing coated fabrics: calendering method, melting method and knife scraping method. Knife scraping method represents the most advanced coating fabric processing technology, the performance of its products in many ways than other methods have obvious advantages of the product, our technology is the knife blade coating process. In general, the fabric weaving, slurry preparation, production process control knife coating is the key quality of the product quality. As the fabric determines the strength of the product, and knife-knife coating production faster, wide format, so any loss of fabric quality will lead to product quality decline. The preparation of the paste directly determines most of the performance of the product, so it constitutes a key technology knife coating process.
Waterproof coating cloth product performance:
1, Improved the surface characteristics of traditional coating materials, with excellent anti-pollution ability to maintain long-term clean;
2, Excellent weather resistance, prolong the service life;
3, Enhanced resistance to chemical corrosion;
4, With anti-UV, anti-oxidation properties;
5, With flame retardant, fire safety;
6, Excellent tensile, tear, anti-peel characteristics.
Waterproof coating cloth series Product use:
It has excellent physical and chemical properties such as high strength, good waterproof performance, good self-cleaning, corrosion resistance and long service life. It is used in the fields of construction, traffic, shade, storage, advertising, sports equipment and entertainment facilities Cloth, tent materials, inflatable materials, shading materials. Other special requirements can be customized according to customer requirements.