What is the use of coated fabric?


Coated cloth concept: Coated fabric is a special proces […]

Coated cloth concept:
Coated fabric is a special process of fabric. Is the use of solvent or water to the required coating rubber particles (PU glue, A / C glue, PVC, PE glue) dissolved into a saliva-like, and then somehow (rotary screen, scraper or drum) Of the fabric (cotton, polyester, nylon and other substrates), and then through the oven temperature fixation, it can make the fabric surface layer of uniform cover rubber, so as to achieve waterproof, windproof, breathable and other functions .
Application areas

Dacron fabric and coating the difference between cloth:
Polyester fabric is a chemical fiber fabric, the biggest advantage is that wrinkle resistance and good shape retention, therefore, suitable for outerwear.
Coated fabric has excellent anti-pollution ability, to maintain long-term clean; with UV, anti-oxidation properties; with flame retardant, fire safety; excellent tensile, tear, peel off characteristics.
Coated cloth use:
Coated cloth is widely used in sportswear, down jacket rain Parker, jackets, tents, shoes and socks, curtains, bags and advanced waterproof breathable skiing, climbers, windbreaker and so on. Can also be used in national defense, navigation, fishing, offshore oil wells, transportation and other fields.